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27157126_10215863183478584_1480174636_nThis week on Tuesday (23rd of January) we were spending our time with (as I told already in previous blog) best guide in Basilicata region Raffaele Lamacchia! He had to show and tell the biggest secrets for a biiiig group of 2nd grade pupils of our famous Sassi… We explored such things which you wont see with the naked eye, only when you are with Raffa! He prepared activities such as giving a photo where you can see a detail of certain subject and we had to find them in Sassi, what was really fun and challenging… Of course, for me (Tomas) the most challenging thing during all the day was to speak with kids in italian, but I managed it… You can see in the photo my reaction after I nailed a conversation with uno bimbo (really satisfied)! If you are wondering how it’s for Francesc, no doubt he has no problems with italian and learns it really fast, no like me…

Thats for today! Keep following and you’ll see more blogs like this one 😉

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