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EVS WANTED! La Crozia ti aspetta!

B-Link sta cercando un/a volontario/a per un progetto SVE di 5 mesi:

Quando? Dal 1 febbraio al 30 giugno 2019

Dove? Rijeka, Croazia

Età? 18-30

Tema? Arte e Design nella Capitale della Cultura 2020

The city of Rijeka, a hometown of Regional Youth Info Centre Rijeka
– UMKI, is declared a European Culture Capital 2020 and it will by
then, develop a series of cultural events with a strong European
dimension. The goal of Rijeka as ECC2020 is to improve the range
and variety of cultural offerings in the city, expand access and
participation in culture, strengthen the cultural sector’s capacities
and its links with other sectors, and to increase the international
visibility and profile of the city and region.


The main objective of this project is to develop a multicultural
network for an open dialogue and exchange of experiences and
knowledge and to produce public art and design exhibitions of
aforementioned posters made by participants with their take on the
selected topic.

Subgoals are: 1) to involve participants in the work of community
and to connect them with key cultural stakeholders; 2) to educate
participants about the history of Rijeka and Croatia and about
cultural practices in Croatia in the past and now; 3) to encourage
linguistic and cultural exchange of knowledge; 4) to inform young
people about mobility programs through volunteer work.
By including foreign young people into the process of developing
exhibitions, as well as implementing them, we expect for them to
develop an intercultural dialog with many relevant stakeholders and
local community as a whole. Also, the intention of this project is for

2) volunteers to learn more about history of Rijeka and Croatia, get
familiar with the design and art tendencies over the course of 60
years in the last century, as well as contemporary ones, enable them
first-hand experience in multicultural environment and to create
cultural content for local, regional, national and European community
by providing their own insights, knowledge, experiences and stance.


Per candidarsi inviare CV e lettera motivationale a:


basilicatalink Mostra tutti

Italian NGO working with Youth Programs to CHANGE THE WORLD -


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