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HC2019 – 4th Short term

IMG_2430Unbelievable, but Basilicata Link is already searching for last volunteers to join for the 4th short term group from 01 September – 26 October 2019 in the amazing Capital of Culture 2019 : Matera, South Italy. JOIN! 

For this flow we are still searching for 4 volunteers with any experience in event management, artistic skills or a special interest in art/exhibitions/cultural events, musical skills or anything else connected to the world or art and culture.
Open to Partner Countries (without need of Visa!)

Read here the information below and if you are interested send an e-mail with CV and motivation letter in English to Deadline: 05/08/2019

Human Capital 2019 project does involve 14 long-term (one year) volunteering projects and between March and October 2019 we host in total 24 short term volunteers for big events for 2 months projects . The long term volunteers do work, some since November 2018 and some since January, in 7 hosting organisations with activities from sport to music, from project management to event organization. The short term volunteers do support various activities, read below.
Have a look on what is happening since Novembre until today in this great video produced by one of the long-term volunteers: video about HC2019

Volunteers are hosted in an apartment in single or double rooms, with kitchen, two bathrooms and an amazing view on the city and the surroundings, 15 min from the centre and the B-Link office.

This EVS project covers hosting, travel cost until a maximum, pocket money and food money, life insurance. Each volunteer needs to have a sending organisation, dont worry if you dont have one yet we suggest you one in your country.

The activities for September-Oktober are going to be:
• Supporting of events connected to Matera 2019 which are events such as exhibitions, presentations, musical events, congress, partner meetings, ect
• Supporting of partner organizations of Basilicata Link such as sport events, activities with children, musical events
• Promotion of any kind of event connect to B-Link or Matera 2019
• Helping in management of a artistic residency about photography
• Support in back-office of cultural events within the Foundation Matera 2019
• Support in translations for visitors and partners from mother tongue to English and/or Italian
• Support of Basilicata Link in non-formal education activities and promotion of Erasmus+
• Participation in the video about “Life as a volunteer in Matera 2019”

The exact activity plan are going to be set short time before arrival and sent to the selected volunteers. Important to know is that the activities and tasks are going
to various, sometimes in group and sometimes single activities. Volunteers need to be flexible, like to adapt to different conditions, socialize with all people around and
like to take initiatives in cultural management.

Look the foto collection of the first short-term Group from March to April:

basilicatalink Mostra tutti

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