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Turn Human Wrongs in Human RIGHTS

Qui riportiamo, nell’attesa dell’articolo completo da parte del gruppo dei giovani partecipanti, un piccolo report sull’esperienza di Scambio Giovanile svolto da 5 giovani con il loro accompagnatore in Francia, sul tema dei diritti umani, elaborato attraverso il teatro delle ombre, ospitato dal partner Puglia alla Breizh.

Update from France – Day 1: The first day had been very interesting for the participant! In the morning we had time to get to know each other better and in the afternoon adventurous discovering of the city! The best came in the night for them when they started to experiment with the shadow theatre!
We are excited to see what’s next! stay tuned!

Update from France – Day 2: After doing some nice game we went to the city, the guys had to buy their own lunch in the market in Dinan, and of course they had crepes!
The practice with the shadow theatre goes on, it will be a crazy spectacle!

Update from France, Day 3:
The time is going on and the participants are getting always closer! Today we went straight into the Human Right declaration. Now we will work hard on it.

The last days have been really intense and full of activities! We had a lot of fun during the intercultural nights and the main spectacle in Lavalley was a success! We are really grateful for having taken part in this project and we hope that all the participant had understood more about all the rights that we all, the inhabitant of this planet have! Thank you all!

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