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Dissemination of Roof

Basilicata Link continues the promotion and dissemination of the project Roof. This weekend we were part of the Matera Sport Film Festival, organized by Matera Sports Academy and supported by UISP Basilicata, with two interventions where we speak about the project. Read here the article of Halil about what happened.

I am Halil, and I am doing an internship with Basilicata Link for November and December 2019. It is a really special organization in Matera in Italy where I came under the International Internship Incubation project. Today, I attended the “9. Matera Sports, Film Festival” including Basilicata Link. With the full warmth of Italian Culture, we watched theatrical demonstration of how to interact with other cultures and the importance of sport in the History.
I also got information about the great project ROOF (Routes Of Our Future) of which Basilicata Link is partner and presented trailer and video during the Festival. With the ROOF project, 80 young Europeans, explore Europe by cycling to promote democracy and voting for European Elections. We also watched short movies at the Matera Sports Film Festival. At the final ceremony of the festival, festival committee gave plaques to successful short films. Goodbye Totti movie was really impressive. I feel so lucky to have seen Matera Sport Film Festival and get to know great projects like ROOF who do something important for young people. B-Link thanks a lot to UISP organization that was possible to share information about this project during the Festival and give information about EU opportunities for young people.

See here the link of the dissemination events realized in Matera during the weekend of 21-23 November

More information about the Matera Sport Film festival here:
about about the winners of the festival:

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