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Aperitive with ex-volunteers

We used this time of being home to get in contact with our ex volunteers. B-Link hosts and coordinates European volunteers since 2014, for long and short time, and we were happy that the call for making a virtual meeting together was welcomed by many of them.

It was great to see on one screen the first long term volunteer from 2016 Johnny together with different volunteers hosted during 2019. Claudia, Sofia and Marie, our three girls hosted now, came up with questions regarding their feelings connected to Matera, to their volunteering experience, asking also if they would “do it again”. It was a great opportunity to connect peoples’ thoughts and experience and to make everyone feel a bit more near, although (very) distant.

Look here some pictures of the call:

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Sofia prepared a video to cause a flash back of our ex-volunteers, watch it here:

The volunteers mentioned in this call were youth from various European Countries, hosted in the frame of European Volunteer Service (until 2019, Erasmus+ program) or Solidarity Corps. If you are interested to know more contact us:

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