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What is sport?

Lo sport è un elemento importante nella vita di un individuo. Poi cè chi lo mette in prima linea degli obiettivi personali, come strumento per stare meglio, per guadagnare o per studiare. Qui un articolo in lingua inglese del volontario europeo Adam che parla di cosa è lo sport e il Matera Sport Film Festival.

What is sport? This was an introductory question in my thesis, which led me to the answer that it gets bigger and bigger as you add more layers of scrutiny to it. Nowadays, sport connects many aspects of various topics of society, economy and leisure. It stretches from a morning jog with your dog to the multibillion dollar industry of professional sports. But it also involves issues around social inclusion, diversity, gender equality, sustainability and legacy. In the course of sport history, there were harsh examples of unjust, unfair, ignorant and corrupt modes of operation. Fortunately there were many heart warming and iconic moments as well. This duality continues, and will probably continue forever, but we have to strive for a better future in the sport realm as well.

The Matera Sport Film Festival is a great example of traditions around sport, as this year it is organized for the tenth time already. It innovatively brings together cinematic arts and sports, and through the selected short movies, the viewer can gain insight of the aforementioned topics directly by real life people and their stories. Normally it is also a quite social event as well, that brings together the producers and the interested audience. This year due to the current situation these in-person encounters are not possible, nevertheless on the online platform (where every selected film is accessible for free) there will also be engaging presentations and discussions viewers can follow.
Go now to register on the website, to be able then to watch all movies for free:
The tenth occasion calls for a ten-day programme, from 26th of November till 6th of December.

This Thursday, from 6:00 to 7:30 in the evening, the Tandem Evening will revolve around these, sport in general, specific aspects of it and the festival itself, with related guest(s) from the sector. Tune in on Zoom, and then if we caught your attention, join the official opening of the festival at 19:30, watch the works and follow all the online events too!

Italy in action against Hungary during a preparational women waterpolo tournament (Diapolo Cup)  in Budapest, summer 2019.

I’m Adam from Hungary, age 29, volunteering since October at UISP Basilicata. I have studied International Relations for my bachelor degree in Hungary, and MSc in Sport Management in Norway. I have been volunteering at various international sport competitions back at home since my graduation, and I decided to come to Italy to take it on the next level. I have always been a big fan of sport both as a follower and practitioner, and I’m hoping that the more active days will return soon.

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