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Mind in Art

There is so much to say but not enough words to describe it. While applying to this project, it never crossed my mind the idea of it changing my perspectives, my mood, my mental health and even my vision of myself and others in my life.

Eight days filled with new people, new experiences, new learning opportunities and a new place. It was the space to be ourselves, to let go of feelings that could be pushing us back, to open up about anything that might had been stuck, to let go of all the stress and just embrace the new space and be happy taking the most advantage out of it. 

The organization of the project was amazingly done, every single activity had a purpose and a big impact on anyone who really put intentions into them. During the week we did activities to explore a lot of the sides of mental health, not only learning about the concept but also looking at our own mental health and explore thing that maybe, most of us never took the time to think about. It was eye opening to work with these thoughts and feelings, I would say that was also very emotional to put so much in perspective and realize things about our personal life. 

Our team leaders were our right hands through every step of the week. They were the minds that thought so carefully on everything that made this project so special. They did way more than just organize and coordinate everything, they were also our friends and a safe place to who we could go to with thoughts and opinions and always feel heard and validated. Sharing the experience with them was incredible, seeing how proud of their ideas and happy to see everything they dreamed of happening just made it a little bit more special. 

Besides the team leaders, the group of participants worked so well! All of us were with the same mind set and really grateful for the opportunity that was granted to us. We all wanted to take the best out of this project, we wanted to learn, to improve ourselves, to visit the beautiful city of Matera, to learn about other cultures and to be the happiest we could possibly be. We connected so well with each other and created really beautiful friendships that I’m sure will stay with a little bit of effort. 

Matera was such a beautiful place! I speak with a lot of certainty that everyone feel in love with it. The view, the people, the gelato… every moment spent in Matera was magical, especially at night. It’s a feeling that I don’t know exactly how to explain but, sharing the moment of seeing the city with the lights on, wild hearing some music and the sounds of people enjoying very moment just made those minutes, one of the most special one during the whole week.

The all experience only had positive aspects and, to be honest, the only thing that was not good was leaving. Going back to reality and leave the bubble that we’ve created was so hard but, it could have been worse since we’ve got the tools to deal with our stresses during the week. Saying goodbye to the friends that we’ve made and knowing that we can’t just go grab a coffee is really the worst part about these projects but is worth it, because we leave the place with the heart field with memories, love, friends, happiness… 

I could not be happier about the Mind’Em project, everything that it gave me just made me a better version of myself and I could not be more grateful and excited to go to next part of it. I’m so glad I’ve got this opportunity and got to experience this. Thank you to everyone.

By: Inês Silva

Ines from Portal described with her wonderful words the Youth Exchange “Mind’Em” financed by the National Agency of Italy, thanks to the Erasmus+ Program.

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