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Si chiama Ophelie, la ragazza di 20 anni originaria dell’isola di La Riunione, che vive al momento a Matera sfruttando ogni momento per scoprire la vita italiana e se stessa. Leggi qui il suo resoconto del primo mese di ESC volontariato con B-Link.

This kind of project is perfect for people who want to try new things, still figuring out what they want to do in their life, or want a breath of fresh air and many other things. It’s been 1 month now that I’ve been here in Matera, and I can’t say that I regret it.

Throughout this project I learn and still learning to be more independent by improving my social skills, my language skills and my adaptability. Having done a voluntary project will always be a benefit professionally speaking (on your CV) and personally as well. It opens your mind to different cultures, different points of view that you would’ve not thought about.

I’m not just discovering Italian culture which is much more than Pizza and Pasta as we know it at home, I’m actually meeting a real Italian family, trying their lifestyle and learning about their history. I’m not the only one doing it, we’re a bunch of foreigners coming from all Europe working together with Italians on a single main goal: discover each other’s culture and expand our vision of the world.

I’ve realized a lot of things in this volunteering project but one of the main points would be that even though we’re different we’re more similar than we actually think. 

Ophelie è in Italia grazie al nostro partner francese Parcours Le Monde Sud-Ouest con il quale lavoriamo da tempo per dare opportunità ai giovani.

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